Certificate In COVID-19 Swabbing Proficiency And Swab Site Operations


This 2-day course is to equip participants with knowledge of proper infection control and skills to perform AN (Anterior Nares), NP (Nasopharyngeal), OP-MT (Oropharyngeal Mid-turbinate) swabbing according to the Ministry of Health’s protocol. The course consists of 7 modules (includes hands-on session and competency assessment where applicable)

Course Details

The course will cover 7 subjects/modules as follows:

  1. Swab site workflows and operations
  2. Infection Prevention and Control Measures
  3. PPE Training
  4. NA, NP and OP-MT Swab Training
  5. Safe Handling, Packaging, and Documentation of Swab Specimens
  6. Antigen Rapid Test (ART) & Serology Test Procedures

The course delivery includes hands-on instructions using study models and treating patients under instructor supervision.


Average teacher-student ratio: 1 : 20 (for lecture)


After each module, students will be assessed on both their theoretical knowledge and practical expertise (where applicable).


The assessment is in the form of:

  1. Written Examination
  2. Assessment
Course Available Period
March 2022 - March 2023
Course Fees