Certificate in Aligner Orthodontics


Want to know what kind of malocclusion cases can be treated by aligner?
Join the course to learn how to case select correctly to give the satisfactory outcome that both your patients and yourself like.
This course is for general dentists who wish to expand their clinical repertoire into orthodontics to provide a wholesome treatment for their patients.

Course Details

Module Directors: Dr Wong Dai Chong, Dr Mohanarajah s/o S. Senathirajah,

Panel of Lecturers: 
Dr Wong Dai Chong
Dr Mohanarajah s/o S. Senathirajah
Dr Chong Canon
Dr Chua Khim Thai Xander
Dr Hwang Jun Hyuk
A/P Hwang Yee Cheau
Dr Su Jianxiang Jason 


Lecture topics:


  1. 28 Apr 2022
    Examination & Diagnosis
    Recognise complexities associated with different types of malocclusion
    Formulate a problem list and treatment plan
    Case evaluation and selection
    Prepare patients to start treatment
  2. 25 May 2022
    Invisalign pre-training course
  3. 30 May 2022
    Invisalign training course and accreditation
  4. 16 Jun 2022
    Introduction to Clincheck and workflow in Clincheck
    Anchorage control, space closure, anterior-posterior movement, usage of adjunct accessories
    Risk management
    Delivery of aligner
  5. 21 Jul 2022
    Cl I malocclusion including inter proximal reduction, expansion and distalization of posterior teeth
  6. 28 Jul 2022
    Management of vertical correction, including anterior open bite & deep bite through extrusion, intrusion, bite ramps, elastics, etc.
    Understanding everything about retention
  7. 11 Aug 2022
    Management of anterior-posterior correction, including increased or reduced overjet
  8. 23 Aug 2022
    Management of transverse correction, including cross bites and asymmetry
  9. 30 Aug 2022
    Case discussion, including management of Cl II & III malocclusion
  10. 20 Sep 2022
    Case discussion, including management of Cl II & III malocclusion

All lectures are CDE accredited.


Minimal requirement: Management of 2 clinical cases of Cl I malocclusion using aligner system.


Examination (2hrs)

  1. Written exam: Multiple choice and short questions (60 marks).
  2. Oral exam: Case presentation (2 cases) and treatment planning (40 marks).


For enquiries, please contact our staff at 9831 4091 (Christina) or 9385 5702 (Lloyd)

Course Available Period
2 yrs (Part Time)
Course Fees