Clinical Dentistry course is starting again!


Do you know what you DO NOT know?
Many young dentists are not aware of the gaps in their knowledge till they face the real circumstances. Fear not. College of Dentistry is here to plug those gaps, through tailored courses to suit your needs in improving your skills in different disciplines, to ensure that you would be able to provide a wholesome treatment to your patients.

Do not hesitate any more! The earlier you learn, the sooner you will grow yourself professionally.

Course Details

For detailed information, visit the course description here:

There are many benefits to join College of Dentistry. Just to list some here:

  1. Meet peers who have similar clinical challenges,
  2. Learn from seniors who have build their experiences from the program,
  3. Expose to different clinical scenarios through case discussions,
  4. Learn peer-reviewed, evidence-based practices through case discussion study clubs,
  5. Build close relationships with supervisors and specialists of various disciplines, who can be your career mentors, etc...

For enquiries, please contact our staff at 9831 4091 (Christina) or 9385 5702 (Lloyd)

Course Available Period
3 mth - 2 yrs (Part Time)
Course Fees
$1,000 - 5,000