Certificate / Graduate Diploma In Clinical Dentistry


Developing competency in delivering adequate patient care requires a period of time and repetition of procedures. Therefore, our structured courses are designed to build upon dentists’ existing knowledge, to develop their skills through lectures, hands-on and a minimal requirement of supervised clinical sessions. We also put in place examinations and case discussions to ensure that the dentists reach their milestones.

Course Details

Upon completion of individual curriculum, with a demonstration of aptitude and knowledge in the application of decision making and ability to practice independently, the dentist will be awarded the Certificate in the respective topics.


Completion of all the topics will be awarded the Graduate Diploma of Dentistry.


Average teacher-student ratio: 1 : 20 (for lecture), 1 : 5 (for clinical supervision)

Course Available Period
Apr 2022 - Mar 2024 (Part Time)
Course Fees