Certificate In Endodontics


The Endodontic module is a course for trainees looking to advance their interest in endodontics, through reinforcement of the clinical skills in endodontic treatment.

Course Details

Module director: Dr Jee Shizhuan Terence

Duration: From July 2022 to Oct 2022

Learning Objectives:

Able to perform systematic endodontic examination and diagnosis, and exercise sound case selections
Able to diagnose and manage specific cases like endo-perio lesions, cracked tooh and dental trauma
Able to take the periapical radiograph correctly, perform infection control and aseptic techniques in endodontics, including understanding the principles of rubber dam isolation
Understand the principles and guidelines in access cavity in anterior, premolars and molars, chemomechanical instrumentation and various obturation techniques
Able to decide and execute the correct post-endodontic final restorative treatment

Clinical case requirement: 4 assorted endodontic cases

Didactic, Practical & Examination – 15 hrs


Course Available Period
From July 2022 to Oct 2022 (Part Time)
Course Fees