Removable Prosthodontics


Restorative dentistry contributes to a large proportion of a dentist’s daily clinical practices. Increased in healthcare awareness has reduced the incidence of dental caries, however, modern lifestyle has subjected the dentition to more wear and tear, sometimes complete loss of tooth. Dentists face patients with various functional and aesthetic demands, and need to devise treatment options that will cater to the patient’s quality of life, bearing in mind the concept that all treatment start with prosthodontic planning and end with prosthodontic treatment

Course Details

Module Director: Dr Yao Chao Shu

Learning Objectives for the removable prosthodontic segment:

Dentists who would like to learn more about complex restorative procedures and to have practical learning on preparing teeth for indirect fixed restorations.

Perform systematic examination and diagnosis of complete edentulous cases and exercise sound case selection.
Understand the role of removable prosthodontics in the overall rehabilitation of oral functions.
Understand the contributing attributes and design of a removable (full and partial) prosthesis towards function and comfort.
Able to manage simple complete and partial edentulism with removable prostheses confidently.

Course fees: S$1,000

Duration: From Dec 2022 to Aug 2023

Didactic: 12 hrs, Examination: 1 hr, & Case discussion

Clinical case requirement: 2 units of full and 2 units of partial (more than 6 pontics) prostheses

9 lectures incorporate hands-on learning split over two months 

1st Lecture starts on 1st Dec- Comprehensive treatment planning starts with you

The rest of the lectures start in June 2023- Aug 2023


Course Available Period
1.5 months (Part Time)
Course Fees