Redefining Training & Education for Dental Professionals


Q & M College of Dentistry was incorporated in Singapore on 14 December 2018. The principle activities of Q & M College of Dentistry are to offer higher education programmes for dentists and provide other training and education programmes for dental professionals.


Training and education is an integral part of a dentist’s life throughout his or her professional career. Even after graduation with their basic dental degrees, dentists are constantly upgrading their skills and knowledge by participating in continuing education programmes such as dental courses and seminars. Q & M College of Dentistry aims to provide a platform for dentists to upgrade their skills and learn best practices in Dentistry, including performing dental procedures with the latest technology and materials.


In keeping with the mission statement and vision of Q & M Dental Group, Q & M College of Dentistry strives to achieve the following:

To assist and facilitate our dentists in their continuous efforts in keeping abreast with the latest technology and evidence-based practice, by engaging them with workshops, seminars and conferences.

To provide public education via various forums and other related platforms, and thus establishing ourselves as ambassadors of oral healthcare.


We have put in place our own academic and examination board for Q & M College of Dentistry. Our teaching faculty is made up of more than 30 Lecturers of senior General Practitioners and Specialists.


Training and education are key for professionals to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in dentistry and dental innovations. At Q & M College of Dentistry, we have the latest dental equipment and technologies to train dentists at various levels of their professional careers.

We have recently installed 10 units of dental training simulators in our training room at Q&M Dental Center in City Square Mall, Singapore. Every simulator unit comes with a dummy head and a dental microscope.

In addition, the training room is connected to the main surgery room where live surgery, such as dental implant surgery, may be streamed live to participants in the training room. With the installation of these simulator units, our training facilities now cater to various training and education platforms and tools such as lectures, workshops, and dental simulation training.


Dr. Ng Chin Sau

BDS 1992, National
University of
Singapore, Singapore

Dr. Ang Ee Peng Raymond

BDS 1994, National
University of
Singapore, Singapore

Dr. Chong Kai Chuan

BDS 1994, National
University of
Singapore, Singapore

FRACDS 2001, The
Royal Australasian
College of Dental
Surgeons, Australia


The Academic Board members are responsible for developing policies and procedures to ensure the academic quality and rigor such as:

  • Ensuring that the content and duration of the modules or subjects, as well as the entry and graduation requirements, of the course are appropriate.

  • Approving the deployment of teachers based on the requirements stipulated by the CPE;

  • Facilitating the PEI to implement and comply with the policies and procedures developed; and

  • Reviewing, at least once a year, the academic policies and procedures.


Members of the Examination Board are responsible for the development of examination and assessment procedures, such as to:

  • Ensure the security of examination scripts and answer scripts.

  • Ensure the proper conduct of examinations and assessments.

  • Define and ensure the proper discharge of duties and responsibilities of invigilators and graders.

  • Handle appeals from students with regard to examination or assessment matters.

  • Examination Board